2 Mar 2014

The Cheesy Side of Travel

How dare I call travel cheesy, right? Well, it’s not what you think! If you know me personally or have read a few of my reviews, you know that “cheesy” is purely a reference to my love of cheese fondue. One might think I’m left over from the fondue fad of the 70s, but in actuality, I just really love cheese, bread, and the combination of cheese and bread (and I have to add that I wasn’t alive for most of the 70s!) While most people collect postcards, Christmas ornaments, or various trinkets during their travels, my husband and I decided to take our love for fondue and combine it with our love for travel, creating “cheesy” memories that will last us a lifetime. So, be sure to check out my reviews for a my latest adventures in the world of cheese and I’ll continually update this post with a list of fondue restaurants we’ve visited around the world.

Image Courtesy of Augustademist.com


United States:

Melting Pot of Scottsdale, Arizona (our local haunt and a shout out to my fav bartender, Vince!)

Melting Pot of Glendale (Arrowhead), Arizona

Melting Pot of Tucson, Arizona

Melting Pot of Gaithersburg, Maryland

Melting Pot of Towson, Maryland

Melting Pot of Littleton, Colorado

Melting Pot of Arlington, Texas

Simply Fondue of San Juan Capistrano, California

Simply Fondue of Fort Worth, Texas

Artisanal- New York City, New York

Our very own fondue pot, which we tote with us on some of our domestic travels. Recipes courtesy of The Melting Pot Cookbook!


Adler’s Swiss Chuchi - Zurich, Switzerland

Lanterne – Interlaken, Switzerland


Le Chamois - Reims, France


L’Entracte – Luxembourg City, Luxembourg


Fromagerie Crignon – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Het Karbeel - Amsterdam, Netherlands

United Kingdom

Le Garrick- London, England

St. Mortiz- London, England


Des Alpes- Brisbane, Australia

Swiss Inn, Cairns, Australia

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions! I do not plan on writing reviews for each of the restaurants, as there is no such thing as a bad cheese fondue (at least in my book!)

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